In 1881 the future National League wanted to upgrade its image and target a more upscale fan base by doubling ticket prices, banning gambling, and outlawing alcohol sales. Several team owners who happened to be brewers refused to accept the new rules and banded together to form what would eventually become the American League. The National League attempted to discredit the new league by dubbing it the Beer and Whiskey League. This, of course only made the new league more popular. Duh!

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

The Angriest Little Boys in the World

I realize that the following post is only going to add to our horrible reputation as bitter baseball dilettantes ... heck, maybe we should change our need to the Drunk on Beer and Whiskey League ... but sometimes you just got to call people out for being fucking idiots. And so, today, my anger is going to be vented (yet, once again) at the spankees.

Like those boys at Soxaholix, I don't really hate the Yankees and I even have a little respect for the organization ... well, I don't hate them nearly as much as I hate the jack-ass media that seems to fawn over everything they do (the best or worst of it was when the Astros no-hit the bombers last season and rather than crediting the Stros for a fine performance, the talk was all about what the Yankees did wrong). Anyhoo, the recent request for a forfeit because of the Drays inability to get into the Bronx in a timely manenr was just plain fuckin' idiotic. There really is no other way to describe it. This is pure urban provincialism -- the city that is supposedly so "cosmopolitan" and worldly is plagued by its pathetic solipsism that it can't fathom that important events actually occur outside their immediate domain. Hey, numbnuts, there was a potential, life-threatening hurricane to worry about!

What makes this even worse is that it comes a little over a week after another recent yankee gaffe when King George compared the Indians 22-0 victory to the attacks of 09/11. As quoted in a recent NY Times article:

"I wanted to show the fans that we have the same courage and the same attitudes all New Yorkers have had in fighting back from that terrible episode on 9/11," Steinbrenner said in the statement. "New Yorkers never give up and the Yankees never give up."

Hmm ... being shut out and beaten badly in a baseball game versus the death of millions of people? Yeah ... that's a real good comparison.

Oh wait, but there's more (as Ron Popeil might say) ... the idiots at both the NY Daily News and the NY Post (both such great papers of quality, eh?) didn't think that enough fun had been made over this potentially life-threatening disaster.

Peter Botte's recent article at the NYDN featured this winning headlilne: Bombers Take Rays by Storm. Yeah, that's real funny. And the next time the Yankees are blown out maybe the headline should read, "Yankees terrorized and bombed by Boston." Gee, has such a nice ring, doesn't it?

Kevin Kernan from the Post offers something close to sanity by hinting that it was inappropriate of the Yankees to request a forfeit but then like the typical jack-ass that he is, Kernan blows his own load all over himself by joking that it was understandable the Devil Rays would rather take shelter at home than at Yankee stadium.

Ok, now, deep breath ...

By the way, is it just me or does anyone think it's rather weird/suspect that Kevin Brown had the wherewithal to punch the wall with his non-pitching hand? I mean, if you are truly carried away by your emotions, truly out of control, wouldn't the natural instinct be to punch the wall with your strong hand?