In 1881 the future National League wanted to upgrade its image and target a more upscale fan base by doubling ticket prices, banning gambling, and outlawing alcohol sales. Several team owners who happened to be brewers refused to accept the new rules and banded together to form what would eventually become the American League. The National League attempted to discredit the new league by dubbing it the Beer and Whiskey League. This, of course only made the new league more popular. Duh!

Friday, April 15, 2005

Slow to the draw

Well, it looks like Steve beat me to the A-Rod bashing post. I keep telling myself that I'm going to stop writing about the Stoneboners, especially if it's at all related to the "most storied rivarly in sports," but every once in a while I run into a story (like the most recent one from Joel Sherman of the great ass-wiper the NY Post) that is just too good not to share.

In contemplating the Yankee's slow start, Sherman offers this sweet little gem:

Rodriguez is heckled and hectored at Fenway and Rivera is mockingly cheered, and both players have performed as if the Red Sox — if not the Red Sox Nation — are in their heads. That is no surprise with A-Rod, a shock with the normally steely Rivera.

What is Sherman saying on the surface? Both Rivera and A-Rod seem shook by the Red Sox and it's especially surprising because Rivera is normally so "steely" as we all know from those swell Nike ads:

But here's the really cool part about Sherman's little piece ... by indicating that it's a surprise to see Rivera shaken up, Sherman is implying that it should come as no surprise that A-Rod is a bit flustered since we all know that he's basically a mental midget.

Next posting: no Yankees, no Red Sox ... I promise.